isobel-portraitIsobel’s background is in jewellery and goldsmithing. It was while studying at the University of Belfast that she had her first introduction to millinery when she undertook a project on headpieces, using metal, semi-precious stones and feathers. Since then she has completed several millinery courses and her hobby has become a creative business. There has been great interest in Isobel’s hats and head pieces with various national publications, as well as TV programmes taking the time and showing an interest in these beautiful designs.

All hats and headpieces are designed by Isobel Marinot-Wood. Each hat is unique, using prime materials and techniques such as hand-stitching, blocking and dying. With a high-quality tailored finish there is a sophisticated elegance to Isobel’s work with a slight vintage feel and a touch of modern quirkiness. Isobel uses hat pins, much of the time, to place many of the detailed elements, such as feathers, bows, jewels, tweed buttons etc, giving the wearer the versatility to change or reinvent their hat quite easily.

Isobel’s preferred material is felt as it is so luxurious and comfortable. Felt can be worn all year round in our climate and looks extremely elegant. Feathers also feature quite highly in Isobel’s designs as feathers have always been used, through the centuries, like jewels adorning a costume. Much of her inspiration comes from the styles of the 1920’s to 1950’s, when ladies were encouraged to be feminine.

Isobel does not follow colour or fashion trends, she feels that the wearer should create their own personal style and that ‘less is more’. Her bespoke hats compliment the wearer’s individual tastes and requirements, as well as their natural features, personality, colouring and skin tones.

Isobel lives in Connemara with her husband and two little girls where she works in her studio from home.

Why not take your time to dress from head to toe, and create your outfit around the perfect, simple, elegant hat!